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To keep record of our processes, research, learning and creative results to share with others and reach out to broader audiences is what our art and nature publications seek as great complements to our programs.


Green / Blue: From Glaciers to Oceans. Stories of Biodiversity from the South of Chile

Texts, illustrations, and photographs come together in this book to talk about glaciers, mountains, forests, wetlands, and the coastline to comprehend the complex relationships that connect these ecosystems and the need to approach earth-water conservation holistically. A work carried out together with eight illustrators (the Chilean Tomás Olivos, Sebastián Ilabaca, Daniela William and Matías Prado, together with the Nordics Katrine Clante, Linda Bondestam, Bjorn Rune Lie and Siri, Ahmed Backström) and the personal stories of Alejandra Cariman, expert in intercultural education, ecologist Iván Díaz, mycologist Giuliana Furci, among others. Contact us at info@fundacionmaradentro if you'd like to acquire a copy

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Bosque Pehuén, Andean Araucanía / Chile

As a result of ten years of work in our privately protected area of conservation, Bosque Pehuén, this publication reports on scientific research that ranges from the ancestral history of temperate South American forests to a guide of their particular species, the content of which is largely based on the work carried out by scientists Iván Díaz, Daniela Mellado, Javier Godoy and Ricardo Moreno, from the Biodiversity and Ecology Laboratory of the Canopy, from the Institute of Biodiversity, Conservation and Territory of the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Natural Resources of the Austral University of Chile.

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Archives of the creative and production process behind Christian Boltanski's installation in the Atacama desert community of Talabre, at the foot of the Lascar Volcano, San Pedro de Atacama, in late 2014 as well as his first retrospective exhibition in Chile titled Almas presented in the National Museum of Fine Arts of Santiago. It includes multiple text formats and images of how curator, Beatriz Bustos O., contacted and convinced the artist; a tour through the Atacama in search of the locality for the installation; interviews and research on animitas and the Atacama culture, and the incorporation of the installation in the 54th Venice Biennale 2015. Published by Hueders and Fundación Mar Adentro. If you'd like a copy write to us at

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