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Sounds of Bosque Pehuén: encountering ancient time in nature

Musician, composer and sound artist, Fernando Matus de la Parra was part of the Resonancias de Bosque Pehuén residency cycle, where he explored the sound of the forest, investigated its materialities and composed a cycle of musical pieces to be performed in nature.

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Journals To Think About Nature

Three books that from art, science and education invite you to learn about climate change (currently only available in Spanish).
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Climate change as an opportunity to build a better quality of life

On the International Day Against Climate Change, we invite you to read this interview with the climatologist Maisa Rojas about the immediate measures that we can implement against climate change, the way in which the union of disciplines can help mitigate its effects, and the role art and culture can play.

Who brought the water?

In this article, Chilean astronomer Sebastián Marino tells us about his research on exocomets and exoplanets, and the incredible hypothesis of how water would have reached Earth.

The movement of plants is political

Interview with Fiorella Angelini, visual artist and director of “Proyecto Araucaria: my journey to discover the sacred”, a medium-length documentary film that narrates the journey of the araucaria in parallel to her own personal migration journey, and touching upon topics such as conservation, postcolonialism and personal/national identity.

Animating Characters in an Incomplete World

Interview with Marcos Sánchez, artist and filmmaker who will be participating in the 2021 Ars Electronica Festival as part of our “Polygonal Forest” platform.

The artistic process as a game

Co-director, together with Joaquín Cociña, of the award-winning film “La Casa Lobo”, in this interview Cristóbal León talks about the upcoming premiere of his short film “Los Huesos” at the Venice International Film Festival, playfulness as the center of creation, the curious episode that links the origins of stop-motion to the natural world, and the role of art in the climate emergency.

The Natural Resources Trap: How to Avoid It?

About 30 years ago, the book Trayectorias divergentes (Divergent Trajectories) was published, edited by Patricio Meller and Magnus Blömstron. In this book, Latin American and Scandinavian authors compared the divergent long-term trends of both groups of countries. One of the...

A Story and its Unforeseen Materialities

Interview with Cristina Sitja, illustrator and ceramist. Driven by an interest in the animal and plant world, Cristina Sitja's work takes different forms and materialities that invite us to observe what surrounds us. In this interview we talk about her...

Grasslands: Places of Pioneering Species

“Pioneer plants, those that are capable of living in the midst of an ungrateful environment, are, in fact, fragile; they die outside of that environment. Riches do not suit them.” – Gilles Clement, Garden in Motion When I arrived to...

Rituals and Treasures of the Pacific Coast

Interview with Begoña Ugalde, poet and founder of Ediciones Liquen. A poet and narrator, Ugalde has made nature a constant theme in her writing. In the last few months, she published a book together with her publishing house about a...

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